Αγύρτης (the imposter) is a sub-group of the South Korean-Chinese girl group Cosmic Girls and was formed by Starship Entertainment in 2018 with four members. Their fifth member, Eunseo, was added to the sub-unit on September 9, 2018.


Current MembersEdit

Name Position Zodiac
EXY Main rapper[1], sub-vocalist Scorpio
Soobin Main vocalist[2] Virgo
Eunseo Sub-vocalist [3], sub-dancer Gemini

Inactive MembersEdit

Name Position Zodiac
Xuan Yi Lead dancer, sub-vocalist[4] Aquarius
Cheng Xiao Main dancer, sub-vocalist[5] Cancer


They are the collectors of floating dreams. They are in the second grade at WJSN School of Wizardry and they specialise in collecting people's dreams. They are described as poised, yet whimsical, mystical and intellectual.


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