• She has an older brother and sister.[1]
    Bona (50)
  • One of her nicknames is Bbocutie.[1]
  • Her ideal type is Captain Yoo Shijin.[1]
  • Her motto is "It's meant to be, let's be happy."[1]
  • Her habit is chewing on things (lips, fingers etc.)[1]
  • Her current interests/concerns are nutritional supplements, skin, sky castle and comeback.[1]
  • She would describe herself using the hashtags #WJSNSexyOneTop, #FemmeFatale and #BboCutie.[1]
  • She has really good aegyo.
  • She cherishes her family, friends and fans.[citation needed]
    Bona (51)
  • She is close with APINK's Namjoo, CLC's Yujin, BTOB members and TWICE's Jeongyeon.[citation needed]
  • She forgot the Daegu dialect.[citation needed]
  • She says that she looks exactly like her mother.[2]
  • Japanese netizens picked her as the third prettiest member of a third generation girl group.[3]
  • She trained with BTOB.
  • She is in the sub-units Wonder and ενύπνιον (the dreamer).
  • In the introduction for My Cosmic Diary, she was introduced as "Heart attack, always so pretty, Bona".
  • She would liken herself to a rose.[4]
    Bona (52)
  • Her favorite Baskin & Robbins' flavor is Mint Choco.[5]
  • Her roommate is EXY.[6]
  • She would like to appear on the Korean variety show Secret Unnie with Irene of Red Velvet.[7]
  • She prefers "Catch Me" over "MoMoMo".[8]
  • She is Cosmic Girls' selfie-fairy.[8]
  • If she was stranded on a desert island she would bring Eunseo because she would feed her and make sure that she lives. She would not bring any of the other younger members because they would not be of any help.[9]
  • She is a certified scuba diver.[10]
Bona (53)
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