• She has an older brother.[citation needed]
    Dawon (3)
  • She is close with 15&'s Jimin, CLC's Seunghee and April's Jinsol.[1]
  • She prefers "Catch Me" over "MoMoMo".[1]
  • She is WJSN's English spokesperson.[citation needed]
  • She pretends to be calm but she's very clumsy.[citation needed]
  • She is in the sub-units Natural and ενύπνιον (the dreamer).
  • In the introduction for My Cosmic Diary she is introduced as "Hot body vocalist, Dawon".
  • She enjoys cooking and says that everyone likes her Tteokbokki.[2]
  • Fans often call her "Dawoncé", a reference to the popular Western artist Beyoncé who has a very powerful voice, similar to Dawon.[citation needed]
  • Her real birthday is May 27 making her a Gemini instead of an Aries which she represents.[citation needed]
    Dawon (4)
    • She shares this birthday with Eunseo.
  • She says that wherever she goes, people tell her that she looks like her father.[3]
  • She finds dieting easier than aegyo and catching bugs (other than mosquitos).[4]
  • She would liken herself to a white rose.[5]
  • If she wasn't a singer she would like to be a teacher.[6]


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