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From. WJSN (Hangul: From. 우주소녀) is the third extended play by South Korean-Chinese girl group Cosmic Girls. It was released on January 4, 2017 by Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment, and distributed by LOEN Entertainment. To promote the EP, the group appeared on several South Korean music programs, including Music Bank and Inkigayo. The song "I Wish" was released as the lead song from the EP with a Chinese version included.

The EP was a commercial success, reaching number 4 on the Gaon Album Chart.

Track listing Edit

  1. "I Wish" (너에게 닿기를: neoege dahgileul)
  2. "Baby Come to Me"
  3. "Say Yes" (주세요: juseyo)
  4. "Perfect!" (최애: choeae)
  5. "Hug U" (이리와: iliwa)
  6. "I Wish" (触碰到你 (Chinese Ver.))

Background and release Edit

From. WJSN was released on January 4, 2017 at midnight KST though several music portals, including Melon in South Korea.

Promotion Edit

In order to promote the EP, the group performed "I Wish" on several music programs. They started their comeback stage on Mnet's M Countown on January 5, followed by KBS's Music Bank on January 6, MBC's Show! Music Core on January 7 and SBS's Inkigayo on January 8.

Commercial performance Edit

From. WJSN entered at number 6 on the Gaon Album Chart on the chart issue dated January 1–7, 2017. In its second week, the mini-album fell to number 14. But in its fifth week, it rose to number four, their highest placement since their debut.

The title track, "I Wish", entered at number 49 on the Gaon Digital Chart on the chart issue dated January 1–7, 2017, with 41,923 downloads sold in its first four days.


  • The cover of the album, both physical and digital, both have references to the title track "I Wish", other tracks on the extended play and all previous music videos excluding "Catch Me".
    • There are several references to lines in "I Wish" including "Just tell me why" and "I'm so fine, look so fine". Most of these can be found on the physical version as opposed to the digital one.
    • The phrase "Come and give me your everything" is from the song "Baby Come to Me".
    • A moon and some planets appear on the digital album cover, a reference to the group name and the music video for "MoMoMo" in which the girls appear to live on the moon.
    • The rain cloud on the digital version is a reference to a scene in the music video for "I Wish" in which there appears to be a raincloud only over Eunseo's head.
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