Mei Qi

Mèng Měiqí (Hanja: 孟美岐), better known as Mei Qi (미기), was born on October 15, 1998 (age 21) in Luoyang, Henan, China. She is the main dancer and sub-vocalist of the South Korean-Chinese girl group Cosmic Girls and is a member of its Natural Unit.[1] She made her acting debut in 2019.


Mei Qi used to study in Luoyang's Foreign Language School's Junior High department.[citation needed] She became a trainee in 2013 when she was 15 years old.[7]

She was revealed to be a member of Cosmic Girls on December 21, 2015 when she took part in a cover of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" along with SeolA, Bona, EXY, Dawon, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao and Dayoung.[8] She was later revealed to be a member of the Natural Unit with Luda and Mei Qi on December 31, 2015 before debuting with the group as a main vocalist on February 25, 2016 with their mini-album Would You Like? and the single "MoMoMo".[5][9]

She will make her acting debut as Xiao Fe in the movie Step Up China.[citation needed]

In March 2018, she returned back to China to film for the Chinese version of Produce 101 where she entered as a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment. She placed first with a total of 185,244,357[4][10] votes, making her a member of the Mandopop girl group Rocket Girls 101. They were set to debut on August 11, but on August 7, Yuehua Entertainment asked for Mei Qi and fellow WJSN member Xuan Yi's contracts with Tencent[11] to be terminated due to conflicts concerning the girls' schedules and wellbeing. However, on August 17, it was announced that Xuan Yi and Mei Qi would return to the group after an agreement had been settled between the two companies.[citation needed]

After appearing on and winning Produce 101, the movie Marna, starring Mei Qi and her group mate in both Cosmic Girls and Rocket Girls 101, was cancelled due to the threat of bad publicity.

In April of 2019, Mei Qi made a solo debut with the song Jiang. The EP that contained the song sold over 1 million copies in one hour.[12]



Title Year Peak Chart Positions Album
Baidu Chart
Billboard V Chart
"Confession Song" (告白情歌)
with Xuan Yi and Cheng Xiao
2017 Promotional song of Once Again[13]
"Venom is Coming" (毒液前来)
with Yamy, Sunnee, Yang Chaoyue and Duan Aojuan
2018 Promotional song of Venom[citation needed]
"—" denotes that it did not chart or was not released in that region



Year Title Role Notes
2018 Step Up China (舞出我人生之舞所不能) Xiao Fe Chief role
Marna (初恋的滋味) Ying Tao Supporting role[citation needed]
Autumn in my Heart (蓝色生死恋) Xin Ai Second lead role[citation needed]

Reality ShowsEdit

Year Title Network Notes
2018 Produce 101 Tencent Contestant
Placed first[10]
2019 The Coming One Tencent Mentor

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