SeolBin (Seol/A and Soo/bin) is the friendship pairing between SeolA and Soobin.

Other NamesEdit

  • SooA (Soo/bin and Seol/A)
  • HyunBin (Hyun/jung and Soo/bin)
  • SooJung (Soo/bin and Hyun/jung)



  • They were both born in Seoul, South Korea.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • They are both vocalists.
  • They both have a sibling.
  • They are both members of Y-Teen.
  • They are both in the sub-unit Sweet.


  • SeolA has silver hair but Soobin has dark brown hair.
  • SeolA has an older sister but Soobin has a younger brother.
  • Soobin can play piano, flute and violin but SeolA can't play any instruments.
  • SeolA is a lead vocalist but Soobin is a main vocalist.
  • SeolA is in the sub-unit ενύπνιον but Soobin is in the sub-unit αγύρτης.


  • They are both in the group Cosmic Girls.
  • When asked what SeolA's charm is, Soobin responded with "dirty uncle" and when asked what Soobin's charm is, SeolA responded with "push and pull."
  • They are Cosmic Girls' best friends.
  • When Cosmic Girls moved into their new dorms, they were put in different dorms and a video was uploaded onto their social media showing Soobin crying for SeolA.
  • When asked who she would choose to date if she was a boy, the members were shocked when SeolA picked Cheng Xiao over Soobin.[1]
  • Soobin would like to be in a ballad duo with SeolA.[2]
  • SeolA says that she can beat Soobin in flexibility, fighting back her laugh and dancing.[3]
  • SeolA says that Soobin thinks of her as beauty but she thinks of Soobin as the gag woman.[3]
  • Soobin wants SeolA's fierce eyes.[4]
  • Soobin says SeolA thinks of her as an easy going friend but she thinks of SeolA as an unnie that is like a friend.[4]


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