• She has a younger brother.[1]
    Soobin (1)
  • Her nicknames are Human Peach, Decadent Soobin and Tinkle.[1]
  • His ideal type is Lee Seunggi.[1]
  • Her motto is "Be happy~ Don't get sick~."[1]
  • Her habits are setting an alarm on a daily basis and biting her nails.[1]
  • Her current interests are Cosmic Girls' comeback, how to sleep tight, alley restaurant and Baek Jongwon president.[1]
  • She would describe herself using #DecadentSexy, #Cutire, #HumanPeachie and #Tinkle.[1]
  • She is a member of Y-Teen which is the Starship unit with Monsta X along with SeolA, EXY, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Yeoreum and Dayoung.[2]
  • She likes it when someone touches a certain part of her hair.[citation needed]
  • She is WJSN's happy virus.[3]
  • She collects the larva of the cicada.[citation needed]
    Soobin (2)
  • She is in the sub-units Sweet and αγύρτης (the impostor).
  • In the introduction for My Cosmic Diary she was introduced as "Reaction queen, Soobin".
  • She says that she knows everyone's secrets.[citation needed]
  • When she was young, she visited Australia.[citation needed]
  • Her real birthday is July 14, making her a Cancer instead of a Virgo which she represents.[citation needed]
  • Her nickname is Soobly because of her lovely smile and voice.[3]
  • People tell her that she looks like her mother.[4]
  • She is sensitive when she sleeps, and gets woken up by someone turning on a light.[5]
  • She would liken herself to a tulip.[6]
  • She prefers "MoMoMo" to "Catch Me".[7]


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