• She has a younger brother.[citation needed]
    XuanYi (62)
  • She often pretends that she cannot understand the other members.[1]
  • She likes seaweed and as of recent, she also likes ramen.[2]
  • She was a tomboy until she was seven years old.[citation needed]
  • If she was a boy she would date Bona.[3]
  • She is in the sub-units Joy and αγύρτης (the impostor).
  • In the introduction for My Cosmic Diary, she was introduced as "Unique Chemi-fairy, Xuan Yi".
  • She participated on Produce 101 China with her group member, Mei Qi. She was formerly the leader of the Yuehua trainees. She placed second.
    XuanYi (63)
  • She is good at catching bugs. She will even catch them with her hands.[3]
  • She is a fan of the Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai.[3]
  • She will not participate in promotions for WJ Please? due to promotions in China.[4]
  • She has an interest in astrology.[citation needed]
  • It is rumoured that her birthday is actually August 23, which would make her a Leo-Virgo cusp and not an Aquarius which she represents.[citation needed]
  • She does not have a preference between "MoMoMo" and "Catch Me".[5]
    XuanYi (64)
  • Rocket Girls 101 member Sunnee has said that she is messy.[6]


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